What can we offer?

Trainings (on-going or individual)/Lunch and Learn Presentations/Pre-meeting wellness engagements

  • Body mechanics and proper lifting techniques.
  • Health benefits of movement throughout the day.
  • Compassionate service through personal wellness.
  • Health benefits of movement outdoors.
  • Why focus on movement? The health and cognitive benefits of movement and all other areas of health.
  • Making fitness fun for everyone.
  • Healthy eating on a budget.
  • The importance of checking in on your holistic health.
    • Have other health presentation needs? - Let us know, and we may be able to create an educational presentation just for you!

Regularly scheduled fitness based wellness coaching days for your employees.

  • Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly
  • Fitness Based Wellness Coaching includes - Initial assessment, goal setting, program design, follow-up, and re-assessment. We want to see each person that signs up at least 3 times. We have found this to be the most motivating and rewarding for our clients. Many times people just watch the scale, but don't realize how much they have improved in strength, endurance, and energy until they have a re-assessment.

6 week outdoor programs designed for your employees.

  • For safety purposes, we are limited to 15 individuals per group.
    • Time of day? We are flexible if you are. Our programs are a minimum of 1.5 hours, plus drive time.
    • Sunrise outings (an amazing way to start the day).
    • Mid-day
    • Evening
  • Hiking series with education
  • Multi-sport/recreation series with education
  • Sample Program: Winter is approaching, and with any luck, we will have great snow...snowshoeing, xc skiing, and fat biking can all be options as well.
    • Week 1: Bike the Munger Trail - with education on Bone Density 
    • Week 2: Hike Hawk's Ridge - with education on Balance and why we need to begin improving and maintaining it as early as possible.
    • Week 3: Bike the Osaugie Trail - with education on the health benefits of exercising outdoors.
    • Week 4: Hike in the Superior Municipal Forest - with education on wilderness safety.
    • Week 5: Hike and Yoga - with education on importance of high and low intensity training.
    • Week 6: Hike and World Culture Dance - with education on the importance of including vestibular exercises in your fitness routine. (Vestibular exercises are the same as spinning).

Group fitness classes brought to your facility on a regular basis.

  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly: All we would need is an open space at your facility to safely move.
    • World Culture Dance
    • Body Weight Interval Training (Boot Camp Style)
    • Stretching (Includes a proper aerobic warm-up)


  • Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness
    • There is no better place to get to know your co-workers than on a trip into the wilderness! 
    • All inclusive 2 night, 3 day trip starting at Sawbill Outfitters.
    • Contact us for more information. info@e3twinports.com.