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Jodi has a lot of experience in the field, and her passion for spreading wellness is contagious. Her methods are based on contemporary scientific study of best practices for optimal results. She also understands and appreciates the uniqueness of each human being, so you never feel like you’re a “lost cause” or just a “number.” Jodi invites feedback with the goal of designing a fitness and wellness program that works for you, and her style is a breath of fresh air. Schedule a session with her so you can see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed! ~Janice
Jodi was a tremendous help to me during my competitive ski career. Every season I had trouble maintaining my strength. I knew something needed to change. I wanted to be my strongest during race season, not in October! Jodi designed a strength plan for me that helped elevate me to the next level, not only maintaining my strength but actually improving it throughout the season, her strength plan aided me to become a more explosive and powerful skier. I used Jodi’s strength plan my last two seasons of racing and skied to my best results those years placing top 10 at U.S. Nationals in both skate and classic sprints. ~Christina
I have attended Jodi’s community classes, and she created a very non-judgmental environment. The hour was filled with laughter and learning. It was one of the best classes I’ve taken! ~Heidi
I have experienced first hand, the positive energy that Jodi Tervo Roberts portrays while she is teaching Zumba. She keeps the beat of the music while keeping your heart rate pumping. ~Lissette, Zumba Student at LSC
One thing that is certain about the Zumba class with Jodi Roberts, is her instruction is reflective of the complete philosophy of Zumba. Come to class, no matter how you feel. Her class is full of enthusiasm, dance, in the form of exercise, great music, and participation. We all leave feeling better. ~Christine, Zumba student at LSC
I have struggled with maintaining healthy eating habits since high school, which has lead me down a road of habitual binge eating, weight gain, cyclic dieting and a horrible self-image, always struggling to find the balance I needed to live a truly healthy lifestyle. Jodi has played a huge role in helping me to find this balance in many ways. Her positive and energetic outlook on life has had a huge impact on me, and she has been able to offer me a wealth of knowledge in the areas of exercise and nutrition that have helped me to get on the path of true health. She has offered advice, research and books which have literally changed my life, and helped me to become more aware of the roots of my difficulties and how to work to overcome them! I am so thankful to have Jodi as a friend a lifestyle coach! She is amazing and she can help you to change your life, just like she did for me. If you want someone who is truly caring, extremely passionate and knowledgable, is an excellent listener and will continue to encourage you during all of your health and fitness achievements and difficulties, then Jodi is the lifestyle coach for you! ~Kathryn